5 Valuable Lessons I Learned from Writing Online

Five Lessons Learned
Five Lessons Learned (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Oh, awright! I’m guilty…I said I was going to write something new every single day. But nah, my hectic schedule won’t allow me. Nope, I’m not a supermom – far from it. I’m just a writer who needs to write for a living. That’s why I need to beat deadlines.

Call it a blessing in disguise, but I really learned a few valuable things from writing everyday. Mm, maybe not entirely learned, but I am trying my best. Here’s what I learned and how I fare, in a scale of 1-10:

Sabrina-belly-dance-2 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

1. I have to be physically fit to keep up with my schedule. Score:6
Haha! I managed to squeeze in some time to belly dance… for three days…Hey, I”m honest with my score!

2. I have to be organized. Score: 7
I created a Google calendar and scheduled specific hours for each of my clients. Yey! Unfortunately, my desk is still as disorganized as it has always been.Coffee, chips, Vicks, etc. are still mainstays on top of my desk.

3. I have to clean the house to create an atmosphere that’s conducive to writing. Score: 8
Yes! I really clean the house. I clean the toilet, sweep the floor, clean the bedroom, mop the floor – oh, and I have discovered a very effective formula for making finished concrete floors shine. Add 2tbsps. of vinegar, 2tbsps. of rubbing alcohol and 2tbsps. of dish washing liquid to half a pail of water.

Mop the floor (Toca House by Toca Boca)
Mop the floor (Toca House by Toca Boca) (Photo credit: Toca Boca)

4. I should stop procrastinating. Score: 9
Congratulations to me! I overcame procrastination. How did I do it? I simply focused on my goals. I managed to resist the temptation of watching too many movies, or get sidetracked with Facebook, or take long naps.

happy family5. I have to spend more time with the family. Score: 8
When I was still teaching, I barely had time to spend with my kids. Well, I was “there” but never really there. Now that I work at home, I can watch movies and TV shows with them, laugh at their jokes, guide my youngest daughter with her lessons, share views with the hubby and so much more.

These are the five valuable lessons I learned from writing online. What’s yours?


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