This Virtual Assistant Has Taken Freelancing to a Whole New Level

This Virtual Assistant Has Taken Freelancing to a Whole New Level
Francis Edward E. Guintu

It has been said that a virtual assistant wears many hats.

But if your résumé shows something like, “Customer service and accounts manager, operations and support specialist, project manager, social media community and content planner, website tester and quality analyst, hairstylist, brand ambassador,” then you’re not just wearing many hats. You’ve got a multitude of hats adorned with dazzling feathers!

“The only thing I ever wanted was to pursue as many things as I can and want in life, curiosity and will to learn led to an interesting mix of skills and experiences and a desire to pursue freelancing as a career,” says Francis Edward E. Guintu, our featured virtual assistant this week.

What’s a typical day for this virtual assistant?

This Virtual Assistant Has Taken Freelancing to a Whole New LevelHow does Francis spend his day?

“My typical day can be very varied- I try not to do multiple contracts if I can help it at all. If I only have one contract, then I’m just like any other person I suppose, after work, have 16 extra hours a day to do stuff like meet friends, indulge in hobbies, work/pleasure meetup to explore possible work options with other freelancers. The more I have contracts, the more I rely on just devoting time to work and relegating tasks that I normally would or wouldn’t do at home.

“When this online freelancer itches for new challenges, I only put it on top of my existing full-time contract if it’s:1. Short term;  2. Idle work or compatible with my existing contract; or 3. Something I can do with my eyes closed.”

The Freedom to Do What You Want

This Virtual Assistant Has Taken Freelancing to a Whole New LevelAhh, the beauty of being a freelance virtual assistant. You can work as much as 18 hours a day or less than 8 hours a day, like Francis currently does. This gives him the time to pursue his passion for hair styling.

Currently, I want to be free to do hair styling duties which can be very random, and requires traveling at odd and indefinite hours. So sometimes, I find myself in a studio with everybody looking at me, wondering why in the world am I bringing a laptop to a photo shoot instead of just hair dryers and flat irons.”


He’s been to a lot of hair styling gigs recently – debuts, weddings, beauty pageants, modeling shows – name it, he’s done it – including doing this youthful granny’s hair and makeup for a podcast!

“Right now my main focus is to work on my hair styling. It’s a serious hobby that turned into something more serious and now it’s something I want to pursue and make something out of. Technically still freelancing right?”

Well, if you ask me, “serious hobby” is an underrated description, especially for someone whose work is featured in top beauty and lifestyle magazines in the country. Here are some samples of his work:

2016-07-22 (1)

2016-07-22 (2)

2016-07-22 (4)

2016-07-22 (5)

2016-07-22 (6)

2016-07-22 (8)

On Tuesday, July 26, Francis will share some tips and tricks on Customer Service, his expertise as a virtual assistant. Mark the date!

Oh, and if you’re interested in his hair styling prowess, check him out in Instagram and Twitter @francisguintu.


5 Comments Add yours

  1. Althea Sagayno says:

    Can’t wait! Francis really is in a whole different level than most VAs I’ve seen so far!


    1. The Youthful Granny VA says:

      Yes, he is!!!


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