Skills Upgrade: The Key to VA Success


I am an avid believer of skills upgrade. Learning new things preps you up for a more stable online career and ultimately, better-paying jobs.

I’ve enrolled myself in various courses online. During my earlier years as a Filipino virtual assistant, I availed of free courses. Of course, these only offered basic skills and knowledge. But if you’re seriously considering a freelance virtual assistant career, try paid online courses. These can be customized according to your budget, time availability and other preferences.

I’ve joined groups not only to hang out with like-minded people but also to share and learn new ideas.

But learning should not be limited online. Though working online presents benefits in terms of time and financial independence, we, as social creatures, long to be with others. Some online freelancers meet up for food trips or just to fill the need to belong.

But why not maximize your socializing activities by attending local events, workshops or mixers?

Skills Upgrade in Freelancer Forum Ph Yr 2

Just recently, I attended Freelancing Philippines‘ freelancer Forum Ph Yr 2. It was a very fruitful and inspiring event, as top brass Pinoy freelancer Christian San Jose, Irish author Mike Grogan, and GoLance’s honcho Michael Brooks shared their tips and insights. Had you been there, you’d be engrossed, even awed with their talks and presentations.

What did I learn? That we Filipinos are the ones who put ourselves down. That we are the ones who degrade ourselves, believing that we are inferior to other nationalities. The truth is, we have world-class potentials. Some of us just fail to notice our value in the online workforce. We are far more than what we think we are. We can earn as much as, or even more than our foreign counterparts.

Inspiring, isn’t it?

Christian San Jose, Mike Grogan, and Michael Brooks


Got some freebies, too! A sweatshirt from GoLance, a mousepad from Payoneer, shirt from Racket Ph and more. It was a very rewarding event altogether.

Skills Upgrade in Freelance Blend’s Creatives + Entreps Mixer

I must admit, had not Marvin De Leon invited me (with The Quirky VA Althea Maefe Sagayno), I would not have attended Creatives + Entreps Mixer. For Pete’s sake, this Youthful Granny didn’t even know what a Mixer was. And, it was scheduled on a Thursday, a very busy day for TYG.It’s not easy juggling time between seven active clients, a very lovely and lively family, a demanding pet dog, a website and FB page every single day, especially on a weekday.

But had I not been there, I would have missed something great.

It was just a small group of entreps and creatives (writers, graphic artists, video editors), but my, oh my, I’d say that it was the most awesome event I’ve been to so far. The atmosphere was so alive, so engaging, that we barely ate the pizzas Marv offered.

The Freelance Blend mixer revolved around two questions: What we can offer to other participants and what we need help with. We each wrote those two questions on a piece of paper during registration. And you know what? Instead of merely exchanging our paper, we each made paper airplanes and threw them in the air! A purposeful icebreaker, indeed.

The room pulsated with energy and laughter, as each participant answered those two questions. We were like children, eagerly awaiting what each had to say, learning from each other, as we exchanged ideas. It was fun, fun, fun! Well, with Marv, the ever-gracious host at the helm, you can expect nothing but the best.

But the best part? It was meeting awesome people who I could never have met if I did not attend.

Like email ninja John Pagulayan…


Or Graphic Artists Philippines Aiza King…


Or Transcription Guru Emily Tan Cal…

Or the inspiring Abby Lim…


And many others who attended the mixer


According to Marv, there will be another mixer in the not so distant future. Shall we see you there?


Speaking of skills upgrade, I’ll be holding my first writing webinar on November 14, Monday, 4-6 pm. To participate, please join my newly created Writers’ Forum and Blog Sharing Group. I’ll be doing it via Facebook Live. See you around!



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