Virtual Assistant: Why Giving Up Should Not Be in Your Dictionary

Never give up. Some jobs may be too much for you to handle, but with patience, persistence, discipline, determination, and eagerness to learn, you will learn it.


Is a 7 Figure Freelance Business Possible?

  In years past, I thought that charging clients from $8 to $15 per hour was enough. After listening to John Pagulayan’s 7 Phases To a 7 Figure Freelance Business, I had second thoughts. How can this Filipino freelancer command mind-boggling fees? And considering that he can attend Marvin De Leon’s Mixer and chat with other freelancers…

How to Write a Good Cover Letter that Gets the Job

Being a writer/VA with multiple jobs, I have been asked numerous times about how to write a good cover letter. Should it be long? How should you greet a potential client? Can you just use a template? As a VA, one of my tasks is screening applicants. I am in charge of assessment and interview each…